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Why Returning Green?

Returning Green is a community where people can explore a sustainable lifestyle that achieves harmony between environmental and human wellness. Our understanding of sustainability acknowledges the fact that humans are a part of nature. What nourishes the earth and what truly nourishes our well-being is connected. 

The world of sustainability and wellness continues to grow, and there’s a lot of information out there. Returning Green focuses on using curiosity as a tool for discovery. No perfection paralysis here! We have fostered a space safe for learning about the multitude of ways to achieve sustainability and wellness. Curiosity as the goal helps empower people during the learning curve that comes along with new habits and passions. Everyone, even “seasoned” experts, are always learning new things and using curiosity to guide the way forward.

And… you don’t have to do it alone! Returning Green offers a community of people that have potentially gone through the same experience or are curious about exploring it. Not only does this make the journey less stressful, but it also makes it enjoyable. 

Along with other community members, there will be exposure to experts within various fields of sustainability and wellness through virtual events. Experts help members unwrap some of the confusion around the bulk of information out there, as well as any contradicting opinions. Members are encouraged to reach out or work with any experts that resonate with them.  

Returning Green is more than a platform; it's a journey designed to grow with us over time, nurturing our bond with nature, and strengthening our commitment to ourselves and future generations.

When You Join Today

When you join Returning Green today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Livestreams: Join our informative livestreams that delve into various aspects of sustainability and wellness. From composting methods to non-toxic building materials to mindfulness practices, you'll get a comprehensive understanding. This helps empower members, and prepares people to make more conscious decisions in your day-to-day life.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions: Join chat-based Q&A sessions through our livestreams where you'll have the opportunity to interact with all kinds of sustainability and wellness experts. This allows you to get your burning questions answered, thereby helping you to improve your personal practices.
  • Community Base: Pose your questions to the community! Meet like minded people and learn from their experience. Knowledge is meant to be shared, and whether it's resources, information, books or websites, learn what has been helpful to other people pursuing the same goals. 
  • Library of Resources: From books, to movies, to trusted sources, we maintain a list of resources that is consistently updated.